Where to buy our products?

Thanks to the successful cooperation with local farmers and traders Rāmkalni shop offers interesting range of daily products and really wide range of wines and alcohol. Welcome to our shop!

Wide range of Rāmakalni manufactured products can be purchased at:
Rāmkalni shop – "Vītiņkalni",Incukaln's region, district of Incukalns,
GSM: +371 26180666
Rāmkalni Cafe „Berģu Depo” – Sigulda roadway 6, district of Garkalne,
GSM: +371 29161158
Shop „Klēts – Rimi, P.Brieža street 33a, Riga, GSM: +371 27870567
Shop „Klēts” – shopping center Spice Rimi, Lielirbes street 29, Riga, GSM: +371 26114729
Shop „Klēts” – shopping center Alfa Rimi, Brīvības avenue 372, Riga, GSM: +371 28665699
Shop „Klēts” – shopping center Damme, Kurzemes pr. 1a, Riga, GSM: + 371 27866879
Shop „Klēts” – shopping center Mols, Krasta street , Riga, GSM: +371 20211046
Shop „Klēts” – shopping center „Biķernieki”, Biķernieku street 160, Riga, GSM: +371 27887443
Shop „Klēts” – Rimi, Kr. Valdemāra street 112 , Riga, GSM: +371 20211046

Our products also available at:

Depo DIY – „Būmaņi”, Dreiliņi, Stopiņi district
Shop „Zaļā govs” – Stabu street 15 (601), Riga
Shop „Zaļais veikaliņš” – Baznīcas street 9/11, Riga
Shop „Elvi” – Vidus street 1, Sigulda
Shop „Elvi”– Vidzemes roadway 16, Sigulda (shopping center „Raibais suns”)
Shop „Elvi”– Rūpniecības street 77a, Jelgava
Shop „Elvi” – Lāčplēša street 70, Rīga
GNP Info center – Baznīcas street 3, Sigulda
Shop „Ekosan” – Gramzdas street 31, Riga
Shop „Berģu bode” – Brīvības avenue 452, Riga
Shop „Zaļais serviss” – Rīgas – Ventspils roadway 92th km, „Upmalas”, district of Kandava
Internetshop „Dabas dobe”www.dabasdobe.lv or Miera street 15/2, Riga
Shop „Dārza Idille” – Kr.Valdemāra street 112, Riga
Shopping center „Stockmann” – 13.janvāra street 8, Riga
Valmiermuižas beer bar – Aristida Briāna street 9a, Riga (Valdemāra arcade)
„Straupe” shop – „Pienotava”, district of Straupe
„Straupe” shop – J.Vītola street 4, Valmiera
„Straupe” shop – Jāņa Poruka square 5, Cēsis
„Straupe” shop – Raiņa street 1, Sigulda
„Straupe” shop – Poruka street 3b, Madona
„Straupe” shop – Blaumaņa street 19, Gulbene
„Straupe” shop – Brīvības street 310, Rīga
„Straupe” shop – Baznīcas square 6, Smiltene
„Straupe” shop – Kurzemes pr. 59a, Riga
Shop „Maxima” – Ulmaņa avenue 88a, Riga
Shop „Maxima” – Slokas street 115, Riga
LTD „BTV” shop Duty free – Airport „Riga” 10/1, district of Mārupe
Shop „Kunturi” – „Kunturi”, Jeru municipality, district of Rūjiena
Gaļas meistari” – A.Čaka street 82/84, Riga
Shop “Top” – Tērbatas street 33/35
Shop "Garšas Pietura" - Lāčplēša street 14, Lielvārde
Shop "Garšas Pietura"- Mālkalnes pr. 3, Ogre
Shop "dbdaba" Jelgava, Raiņa street 17
Panorama cafe Dzelzavas iela 117 (5. floor), Rīga 
Rīgā, Mūkusalas 71, t/c "Rīga Plaza"
Mārupē, Daugavas 31, t/c “Rimi”
Jelgavā, Rīgas 48, t/c "RAF"
Ogrē, Rīgas 33, t/c "Rimi"
Lāču ceptuves veikals, Liepājas šosejas 12. km.


Made in Rāmkalni

Candied fruits

Candied fruits

Candied fruits are 100% natural product, rich with vitamins. This is a healthy replacement for sweets, produced from berries, fruits and vegetables, grown in Latvia. Due to the unique processing technology, candied products preserve the natural force and biologically active substances.


Pastilles are a special treat for those who like sweets with a "bit of an edge."


Healthy syrups from vitamin-rich berries and fruits, grown in Latvia. Thanks to the natural ingredients, our syrups are not only healthy beverage for adults and children.


Rāmkalnu dabīgās limonādes top no Latvijā audzētām cidonijām, dzērvenēm un rabarberiem, Tās ir ar veldzējošu un izteiksmīgu garšu!
Homemade ice cream

Homemade ice cream

If you want to enjoy an ice cream that tastes just like in your childhood, be sure to try the "Rāmkalni" homemade ice cream.
Smoked chicken

Smoked chicken

Our chickens are smoked on a real alder wood at a constant temperature. We use only wood, no electricity and only the best quality chickens from the best Latvian chicken farms.
Smoked meat and sausages

Smoked meat and sausages

In “Rāmkalni” smokehouse deliciously smelling sausages, juicy pork brisket and bacon are made. Our products are smoked by more than 30-year-old recipes following the ancient tradition of smoking.
Rāmkalni dumplings

Rāmkalni dumplings

Delicious family meal or a quick dinner - we have prepared delicious dumplings, made from real meat, without additives. In each dumpling our chefs have wrapped joy and "good appetite wishes."


Here, in Rāmkalni, under the supervision of experienced bakers delicious pastries, cookies and cakes are made.


Salad - as it was made at home! Meat rolls and delicious chops would delight the most demanding gourmets!
Where to buy our products?

Where to buy our products?

Inspired by nature and everlasting Gauja’s energy, we have begun to produce our own original and environmentally friendly products. Our products are top quality, only from natural components, carefully chosen from best Latvian farms.

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