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velo maršruts

Bicycle journey from”Rāmkalni” until Sigulda on both sides of Gauja river.

Route starts at “Rāmkalni”, continues trough forests of Krimulda, trough meadows of Krimulda and until church of Krimulda. Little hac via Krimulda road and again turns into forest. You will pass Krimulda manor house and than visit Devils cave (Velnala) cliffs. You will pass Gauja river via pedestrian bridge and than turn to “Rāmkalni” You will pass Lorupes glan until Katlapu rock – this is the best place to have picnic, with a view to river Gauja. Its not far to “Rāmkalni” now, you will pass Gauja village, few kilometers trough forest roads and unnoticed comes the “Rāmakalni”.

Good thing is that you don’t have to cross, highways, because forest road goes besides it.


velomaršruts 16km
View surroundings and have a healthy rest, maybe you will discover something new.
Heading down the mountain you will go trough shadowy valleys below the river, you will cross the large meadow and than you will see mysterious and enticing Devils cave (Velnala) (it is almost 16meters long) Above the cave there is something like small crater. You can enjoy fresh, delicious water from caves spring.

One more gulp of delicious water and you are ready to continue your journey to Ludiņas botanical garden, there you can have a rest by the beautiful gardens. Trees and bushes have been planted by famous artists, writers and public workers. The road continues via border of forest and until werewolf pine tree (Vilkaču priede), than romantic and lonely Vangažu church. Road from east to west is the old highway to Riga and road form south to north use to take to Ilķenes crossing, which has finished it’s functions now, but the Iļķenes church still holds its tower to skies.

Road will continue in forest to the old highway of Riga, where Russian emperor Catrin the great used to ride and the old “Brastiņu” hoses, where she used to stay. Road continues below swamp and the last landmark – old hunters castle.
This route is eligible to families with children and as well as romantic rides for two. It leads trough the quiet forests roads and is full of beautiful views, as well as with objects of culture. The total time of this rout shouldn’t be more than 3 hours. This route is available with very precise and comfortable topographic map.



Do you and your friends like to ride with a bike and boat? We don’t push you to choose some one from both, we advise you to choose both. This might be much more exiting than choosing just boat or bike.

"Rāmkalnu" duatlons is a great solution. It is exiting 6 – 8 hours long journey, which starts at “Rāmkalni” with bike pick up and than trough the meadows of Krimulda until Krimulda castle ruins continues via mountain road and after 13km and some 2 – 3 hours you are near Sigulda, at Gūtmaņala cave. We will meet with you there and help you to change your bikes to boats and you will continue your route back to “Rāmkalni” and in some 4 -5 hours and 17km you will be back at leisure park “Rāmkalni
We offer to deliver all personal belongings and picnic equipment together with refreshing drinks to the place of change.

We advise you to enjoy this trip together with 2 or more friends, because on the way back you will have three or four seated canoe boats.

This is really like fairy tale in summer day!

„Rāmkalni” bicycle rent offers you to enjoy these and many other exiting adventures for your body and soul.

More detailed information about services you can receive by calling us to +371 29100280 or contact us via our e-mail

Route has special “Rāmkalni” marks on the trees or asphalt.