Turtle Wax Driving School

“Rāmkalni” offers real electro cars and real road signs with traffic lights for small drivers (until 50kg).

Hello, my name is Kārlis, I am eight years old. I have a sister Līze, she is three, and a brother Arturs, he is eleventh or twelve, I don’t exactly remember. We like chocolate and ice cream and bubble candies, those with the red paper.

When I will grow up, I will have my own CAR. Now I am learning to drive at “Rāmkalni” It is completely real in there, road is with traffic lights, road signs and other cars. My dad can help me, if I want to, or I am not good at something. I know that I have to use right side of road and I have to stop at STOP sign. My sister and brother usually ride with red cars. I like yellow car, just like my dad has, just a bit smaller.



5 min.

3,00 Eur

10 min.

5,00 Eur




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