Tourist Group Catering

We are situated 26 km from Riga to the direction of Vidzeme, on the crossroads of the highways to Valmiera and Pleskava. It is a pisturesque place on the banks of the river Gauja (Gauja National Park).

Additional there is possible different outdoor activities (see Ramkalni attraction park offer).


You have to report the group beforehand and choose the offered menu. We offer vegetarian dishes as well.


Groups that have booked dinner and that are bigger than 15 persons get driver's and group leader's dinner for free.

We can serve a group up to 100 persons. During the season when terraces are used - up to 200 people. If booked - we can provide a group of 40 people a separate room for dining.

Further information, booking:

The prices mentioned are for Your information. We keep the right to change them. Check the prices when booking.