Team-building academy

Team-building academy

What is Team Building Academy?

That is a team which relaxes together and works together too.

That is an adventure. That is relaxation. That is a team work with tasks that require a sense of humor, daring, strenght and sense of purpose. You will be going by boats and by bicycles, you will have to find your bearings on the ground of a marsh and in a labyrinth, you will get over different obstacles, you will have to learn how to help yourself and how to tryst the others. You will taste the sweet sense of victory and evaluate friendship and champanionship.

Every team's activity program is worked out individually, taking into account your wishes. The duration of the event may be starting starting from a few hours and finishing with 24 hours long survival marathon. We provide full service - catering, organizing banquets and seminars, transport.

Available events of Team Building Academy at "Rāmkalni" at the moment:

  • Outdoor adventures - the trail, various activities, involving orientation in the neighborhood;
  • Common cooking with the "Rāmkalni" chef - "A Recipe of Friendship";
  • Team building seminars;
  • Sport games.

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Outdoor adventures or "active relaxation"

The trail:

A trail especially created with a set of obstacles that can be done only with the joint effort of the hole team. It works with a moto "hardship makes people closer".

The trail includes the following elements:

  • a succession of logs;
  • a floating bridge over the marsh;
  • the great slide with the pulley or "zipline";
  • 8 meters high climbing wall;
  • "tha giant puzzle", that can be understood only from above - one must have to climb a 14 meters high pole with the help of the team - one person is helped up by the others members of the team, using the equipment for mountaineering;
  • The "leaky pot", or getting the message, pouring water into a leaking pot that is placed high (with holes in the bottom), with the help of the weight of the pot - getting the message out of it with the next task written on;
  • shooting using a bow and other team uniting activities.

After having done the tasks there is a possibility of a nice event at a campfire, frying potatoes, eating meat pies, drinking chamomile tea with a guitar accompaniment.

The sequence and number of obstacles is planned individually taking into account the interests of the group.

The groups for doing this should not be bigger than 15 people, so not to lose the sense of the team and the sense of individual participation. Groups bigger than 15 people are divided into smaller ones; each group has an individually constructed program. The smaller groups do the tasks paralleled or do it in turns with the campfire activities.

Further information, booking:

Manager of the Ramkalni Team Building Academy - Kaspars Timermanis

Phone number + 371 29144010 or e-mail -

Common cooking show or "The Recipe of Friendship"

Can you recall the warm scent from the kitchen when your granny was baking pies?

Can you recall your first pancake, a little burnt but so real?

Memories like that make you warm just like the big stove for baking bread.

In the kitchen of "Ramkalni" the chef Liene is jolly busy - she bakes and cooks and stirs. Anyone can make one's first pizza together with Liene or bake the tasty homelike cookies; or grill the chicken, discover a culinary specialist, a chef, a maestro of gastronomy in hinself or herself; or simply bake a pancake. It is important to cook something tasty together. Common cooking wonderfully draws people together.

Common Cooking - Gallery

We offer pleasant adventure for groups up to 15 people.

This event takes place in a specially equipped kitchen/tavern. It differs from a professional kitchen with its bar, comfortable chairs, sofas; to put it shorter - with a cozie atmosphere. The kitchen equipment is kept professional.

Further information, booking:

Kaspars +371 29144010,

All the events mentioned are interchangeable, combinable and adjustable to each group's individual interests. Picnic - type events during the warm months of the year are possible for goups up to 300 participants. You will be protected against rain by a big outdoor tent/canopy.

You can try some activities at "Ramkalni" as well:

  • rodels;
  • Crazy Roller;
  • Boat and bicycle rent;
  • "Jolly rubber bands" or jumping on a trampoline equipped with safety belts that ensure that you will not jump off during doing somersaults;
  • children's driving school that is a topic of delight for all kids;
  • Ramkalni Observatory;
during winter a hill with two lifts and inventory hire.

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