Event Agency

pasakumu agentura

"Rāmkalni" Team Building Academy – a union of creative, young and energetic people, that creates wonders and fulfills fairy tales, that others take like entertainment, creative work and nice relaxation with friends, family, children and collegues.

The result of our work and your cooperation – memories, positive emotions and inflow of energy.

We organize:

  • parties
  • sportive festivities and/or days
  • seminars
  • a rally of friendship and joy
  • wife carrying uphill
  • a friedship recipe in cooperation with the chef
  • wedding parties and meals

We tune ourselves on your waves and adjust ourselves or create a theme to anyone who wants to relax with a smile! To please not only yourself with the event but to present the pleasure to someone – you can obtain a gift card! You can do it not only at the Recreation park „ Ramkalni” but also at the travel agency „Kolumbs”