Nordic Walking

In Latvia you can see more and more people, who along rural roads, forest trails or in the city center are doing an interesting and unusal for some people sport - nordic walking. Nordic Walking is a walk with specially designed sticks that help strengthen and develop various muscle groups. Also recreational park “Ramkalni” offers such an opportunity. Go through the forest trails on your own, with friends or family. Use the opportunity to spend time in fresh air and do some active rest.

Don’t have your own sticks but want to get away from everyday rush and the city? No problem!

We also offer sticks rental.
Price –2.85 Eur / 2.00 Ls for all day.

Moreover, this time is not important not age, nor sex, nor human physical fitness level – Nordic Walking is suitable to all, regardless of the purpose and capabilities. You must first learn basic, which is based on four conditions – straight body, hands stretched out, flat sticks and appropriate step. These four points everyone should remember in each lesson.

Remember - doing Nordic Walking 600 muscle groups are busy or 90 percent of all body.