Flying Chair

Feel the freedom of bird; take a look on beautiful curves of river Gauja from up. Flying chair, which reminds as small air tram is suitable for everyone, who would like feel gentle breeze of wind above the treetops and just for a while feel the freedom of bird.

Is it fast? No!
Is it dangerous? No!
Is it expensive? No!
Is it scary? No!
Is it exscinding? Yes!
Is it safe? Yes!
Can my mum and dad use it? Yes! 

Flying chair has made in according to all international safety standards. It is suitable for any age and made to show you, how beautiful can be river Gauja valley. This view is not like any other views and you can enjoy it only in here. You have to see it and feel it!



1 ride

1.50 Eur



Flying Chair Video

The prices mentioned are for Your information. We keep the right to change them. Check the prices when booking (+371 29100280, +371 67977277).